Rexhina Blloshmi


Natural Language Processing PhD Student.


I am a PhD student at Sapienza University of Rome. I am a member of the Sapienza NLP group led by prof. Roberto Navigli.

My main research is in sentence- and document-level semantics with a focus on multilinguality.


Check out our recent EMNLP2020 paper:

Rexhina Blloshmi, Rocco Tripodi, and Roberto Navigli. 2020. XL-AMR: Enabling Cross-Lingual AMR Parsing with Transfer Learning Techniques Proceedings of EMNLP2020.

XL-AMR is a cross-lingual AMR parser that exploits the existing training data in English to transfer semantic representations across languages. The achieved results shed light on the applicability of AMR as an interlingua and set the state of the art in Chinese, German, Italian and Spanish cross-lingual AMR parsing. Furthermore, a detailed qualitative analysis shows that the proposed parser can overcome common translation divergences among languages.

To learn more, check XL-AMR in GitHub.


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